45th Ward Pale Ale is brewed with local hops grown in the neighborhood by neighbors who enjoy the benefits of growing this lovely plant. Each year we ask for hop donations to employ in a harvest fresh hopped ale. We don't know what varieties we will get each year which makes each vintage unique and fun to brew. This year we used 40 lbs of fresh and dry hops from the neighborhood comprising of about 60% Cascade, 20% Centennial, 5% Chinook, 5% Golding and smaller amounts of Perle, Magnum, Nugget, and an unknown variety we are calling 'Humulus lakeeffectus' which is believed to be a cross breed of a few species. This year's batch is brewed with the Arbor Oak base dark pale/amber which gives a nutty and malty count...er point to the resonous citrus oils and slight bitterness of the hops.

Gale Street Inn has hosted us now for the last 4 years where we tap the first keg of this unique beer and celebrate the flavor of the neighborhood. The label is designed by Cyd Smillie who's murals beutify our neighborhood and a portion of the proceeds of the packaged can sales (release TBD) is donated to Arts Alive Chicago. We will be raffling off 45th Ward T-shirts and Lake Effect merch as well that night.

Please come out and celebrate the Harvest, Equinox, and Neigborhood with a pint of the freshest local beer around.

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