Inland Seas Series

This has been a project in the works since the inception of the brewery and is closely tied to our mission. The Inland Seas series takes us on a 2,000 mile tour of the Great Lakes region from the headwaters of Lake Nipigon (the highest lake elevation) to the estuary of the St Lawrence River as it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Each beer is inspired by the characteristics and mood of each lake and some feature ingredients from around that lake. There are 8 beers in the series released throughout the year.

Lake Nipigon Wild White Ale 6.5% ABV-   Late February Release

Welcome to the north woods of Lake Nipigon, sometimes referred to as the “6th Great Lake.” Nipigon has the highest surface elevation of all the lakes, beginning the water’s cascading 2,000 mile journey to the sea. Nipigon’s wild nature, long winters and pristine waters inspire our wild white ale. The beer is a 100% brettanomyces fermented wheat ale dry hopped with a blend of aromatic hops embodying the spirit of its forested shores.

Lake Superior American Style Barley Wine 10% ABV- Late April/ Early May Release

The Nipigon River flows out of Lake Nipigon and empties into the great Inland Sea of Lake Superior. Lake Superior is a huge, untamed inland sea capable of both legendary storms and tranquil shimmering vistas. Inspired by its sheer grandeur as the world’s largest freshwater lake by surface area and as the deepest Great Lake we brewed an American Barley Wine. This Ale expresses contemplative malt character with the depth and body the greatest inland sea brings to mind. Enjoy in a snifter to fully capture its magic.

Lake Michigan Aged Strong Blonde Ale with Cherries 7.5% ABV – June Release

Lake Superior is drained by the St Mary’s River stepping down to Lakes Michigan and Huron which are actually one huge super lake divided at the Straits of Mackinac.  The “lake effect” weather pattern is responsible for providing the micro-climate necessary to grow everything from grapes and apples to blueberries and cherries and much more. Although several fruits grow along the shores of Lake Michigan, this ale features delicious Michigan tart cherries that add acidity and sweetness to this medium bodied strong blonde ale. The ale is lightly aged in wine barrels giving a hint of oak.

Lake Huron Blueberry Berlinerweisse Ale 5.0% ABV – July Release

Blueberries are ubiquitous in Michigan and Ontario and provide the color, sweetness, and acidic complexity to this light bodied tart ale. This is perfect summer drinking but can be enjoyed year around. Our Berliner base is kettle soured and fermented with Kolsch yeast. Blue berries are added in both the boil and in secondary fermentation.

Lake Erie Imperial Brown Ale with Maple Syrup 9.2 % ABV – September Release

Lake Huron is drained by the St Claire and Detroit River before emptying into Lake Erie. Maple Syrup is produced in large quantities on both sides of Lake Erie and is the featured ingredient of this part of the journey. One might think a lighter style best suits Lake Erie, given it is the shallowest of the lakes, but we decided to go in the other direction creating an imperial brown ale to enhance the sweetness of maple syrup with a medley of malt and oats.  The cereal base is varied, contemplative, and rich--a meal in its own right.

Niagara Falls Barrel Aged Imperial Oatmeal Stout 10.5% ABV – October Release

Niagara Falls puts in perspective the immense power of the Great Lakes system with its 6 million cubic meters of water per minute volume of water draining Lake Erie into Lake Ontario. Essentially every drop of water in the Great Lakes that is not evaporated ends up plunging down these falls which is truly remarkable. The beer celebrating this amazing place goes over the falls in a barrel, but is no stunt. It’s a super malty stout brewed with oats and roasted barley and aged in bourbon barrels. Enjoy this ale in a snifter glass.

Lake Ontario- Wine Barrel Aged Strong Blonde 8.5% ABV – November Release

After the roar of Niagara falls we now find ourselves in Lake Ontario which is home to one of the most important wine producing regions in North America. Both New York State and the Province of Ontario boast several wineries which benefit from the moderating micro-climate of the lakes themselves. Our barrel aged blonde ale was aged in American Oak barrels that previously held red wine produced in the Lake Ontario watershed. Fruit, spice, tartness and wood blend in this smooth and refreshing ale. We use Ontario-grown Cascade hops in the boil and dry hop adding a smooth citrus note.

St Lawrence River – Gose Ale 4.8% ABV – December Release

The St Lawrence River drains the entire great lakes system through the provinces of Ontario and Quebec into the Atlantic Ocean. Just downstream from Quebec City the salt waters of the ocean meet the fresh water of the St Lawrence producing one of the largest estuaries in the world. At this confluence our 2,000 mile journey across the world’s largest freshwater system of lakes ends. Inspired by this great transition, we brewed a fruity-tart Gose style ale which finishes with a savory note from salt used in the brewing process. This ale has a light bodied finish that is crisp and pleasant. Thank you for taking this journey with us.

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