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Lake Effect Brewing Company

4727 W. Montrose, Suite C

Chicago, Il 60641

Phone: 312-919-4473




  1. Jorge Molina says:

    Would love to support your beer when youa re up and running let me know and will make sure to stop by and try a couple.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks! Stay posted- end of the year we are planning to open our doors.

  3. George Atkinson says:

    Clint – George from across the street….looking forward to your progress! Add me to the mailing list. Thanks

  4. Ryan Johnson says:

    Looking forward to having you in the neighborhood. I know that most of the people on my block are fans of craft brew so this looks like the beginning of an amazing relationship. Here is a big shout out from the 4500 N. block of Kenneth Ave.

  5. Ryan Johnson says:

    Just wondering if you would be interested in promoting some of your beer this weekend at the 4500 N. Kenneth Ave. block party. Stop by hand out some flyers for the brewery and maybe give some sample beer to the neoghborhood. Of course you guys are welcome to eat all you want for free and drink your fill of our beer on hand.

  6. Ben says:

    You guys opening a tasting room at all? Basically, where can I get my hands on these beers?

    • admin says:

      we will but in time. First phase is production only and then we will work on our tasting room. If you’d like to come by and check us out just shoot us an email.

  7. Kim says:

    Good luck to you. We will be in to sample your product. In the neighborhood so you will see us all often. Let us know if you need any architectural services when you open that tasting room. You will know us by then…………..

  8. Thomas McDarrah says:

    Wow I had a few pints of your brew @ Rabbits and they were fantastic, but what did I expect Lake Effect,you guys are going to take Chicago by storm!!!

  9. Nick says:

    Hello, I am a liquor retailer in Jefferson Park and would like to carry your beers. Do you self-distribute? Would love to hear back.
    773 631 2600

  10. Chris says:

    I want to buy growlers! Is there a place where this can be had?

    • admin says:

      would love to sell growlers but we are not licensed for that yet- fischman liquors sometimes has on tap and will do growlers

  11. Phillip Radford says:

    Who is you distributor in lake county, IL.?

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