2019 Barrel Program 

Barrel Program pic.jpg

We've taken our barrel program to the next level and will be offing a variety of different recipes in a variety of barrels on a seasonal basis. The Program is divided into 3 parts- 1) Gin Project, 2) 53 Gal Project, 3) Wine Barrel Project. Many of these beers can be reserved in our bottle club see below.



Gin Gose with Fresh Juniper - AKA Lake Nipigon - March

Wild Ale in Gin Barrel - April

Experimental GIN Barrel Aged - throughout 2019


Warehouse Liquors- 4 Rose Barrel Pick Imperial Stout - Exclusive to Warehouse Liquors - April

Warehouse Liquors - Buffalo Trace Barrel Pick Imperial Stout - Exclusive to Warehouse Liquors - April

Warehouse Liquors- Tequila Barrel Gose - Exclusive to Warehouse Liquors - June

Fischmans CH Boubon Stout- Exclusive to Fischman Liquors - October

Fischmans Brandy Barrel Quadrigo - Rhine Hall Pommeau Barrels - December

Fannies Chocolate Imperial Stout - CH Bourbon - April

Gale Street Inn Imperial Stout with Chilies - CH Bourbon - May

Community Tavern Coconut Stout - CH Bourbon - May

Mango Pickle Chai Barleywine - CH Bourbon - May

Whiskey Club Barleywine - Knob Hill - Shop Only - September

Rhine Hall/ Lake Effect Collab - Sour Ale Aged in Pommeau Barrels - July

Lake Superior Quad - Rhine Hall Pommeau Barrels - December

Niagara Falls - Oat Meal Imp Stout - Bourbon Barrels - November

2019 BBA Stout 12.5% + Espresso Variant - Bourbon Barrels - November

2019 BA Supershake - Superdawg Collaboration - Bourbon Barrels - November

Lake Erie Imperial Brown Ale with Maple Syrup - Bourbon/Single Malt - December

Loch Effect - Scotch Ale aged in Islay Single Malt Barrels


Kaiser Tiger Wild Ale - Pommeau Barrels - December

Flemish Quad - Red Wine Barrels - October

Omega Yeast Collab Barrel Aged School of Brett - July

Champagne Supergose - Beer on the Wall Collab - Red Wine Gose - Exclusive to Beer on the Wall - May

Sangria Wild Ale - Collab with Green Lady - Wild Ale with Grapes/Apple/Orange - Red Wine Barrels - May

Cerise de Michigan - Wine Barrel Aged Wild Ale - Red Wine Barrels - August

Beer Cellar - Mixed Barrel Fermentation - Red Wine Barrels - May

Lake Ontario  - Wine Barrel Aged Saison - Red Wine Barrels - June

Frambois - Wine Barrel Aged Wild Ale with Raspberries - May

Pamplemousse - Wine Barrel Aged Wild Ale with Raspberries - May

2019 Barley Port - Wine Barrel Aged Imperial Stout - October


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