2018 Barrel Program 

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We've taken our barrel program to the next level and will be offing a variety of different recipes in a variety of barrels on a seasonal basis. The Program is divided into 4 parts- 1) Inland Seas Series, 2) The Gin Barrel Project 3) Strong Beers Project 4) Wine Barrel Project. The best way to be in the know on exact release dates is to join our VIP program. 



Inland Seas Series
The series is returning this year with some major changes. To begin, the entire series will be available as cans including the barrel aged beers. We are also featuring some new recipes. This years lineup:

Nipigon- Gin Barrel Aged White Ale- (changed from the wild white)- April/May
Superior- Bourbon Barrel Aged Quad (different from last years barleywine) - October
Michigan- Cherry Gose (last years was the Wine Barrel Aged cherry- that has become 'Cerise De Michigan') - July/August
Huron- Blueberry Berlinerweisse- May/June- Year Around
Erie- Maple Syrup Barrel Aged Imperial Brown Ale- November
Niagara- Barrel Aged Imperial Oatmeal Stout - November/December
Ontario- Wine Barrel Aged Saison - September
St Lawrence- Gose Style May June - Year Around

Gin Barrel Project
We've acquired a number of Koval Gin Barrels and have been filling them since Dcember with various lighter styles aimed at late Spring and Summer Releases. The following beers will be released at Gin Barrel Aged Beers:

Joy Path Juniper Saison brewed with Juniper Picked from the Arboretum. 5.5% - June/July
Jefferson Park Forward Honey Saison 7.5% - Hyper Local Beer - July
Ginger Lime Saison aka 'cooler by the lake' 5.5% - Keg Only- July
Nipigon- Gin Barrel Aged White Ale 6.5% - April/May
Snow Gin- Witbier 5.5% - Keg Only TBD
Gin Barrel Aged St Lawrence Gose 4.8% Keg Only TBD
Gin Barrel Aged Session Brett - 6.5% Keg Only TBD

Strong BeersProject - In Progress
CH Distilling + Lake Effect Imperial Stout- Bottles only - End of March- potential followup batch in october
Warehouse Liquors + Lake Effect Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Stout - End of March (Warehouse only)
West Lakeview Liquors + Lake Effect Bourbon barrel Aged Stout - April/May
Lake Superior Quad - mentioned above
Rum Barrel Aged Quad - October
Brandy Barrel Aged Quad October (collab with Fischmans- hyper local distribution)
Niagara Falls imperial Oatmeal Stout- November/December
Barrel Aged Supershake Chocolate Malt Imperial Stout- December
Whiskey Acres -Morton Arboretum Imp Arbor Oak Barleywine  - October
2018 Bourbon Barrel Aged imperial Stout - November
2018 Bourbon Barrel Aged imperial Stout Espresso Varient- November
Lake Erie Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrel Aged imperial Brown - October/December

Wine Barrel Aged Project

2018 Port Barrel Aged imperial Stout aka "Barley Port' - November
Brett Frambois and Pamplemousse- August

Wine Barrel Aged Gose - Collab with Beer on the Wall - July
Blackberry Gose - July
Lake Ontario Wine Barrel Aged Saison- August
Cerise De Michigan Wild Ale with Michigan Tart Cherries- September
Kaiser Tiger + Lake Effect - Barrel Fermented Wild Ale - November
Beer Cellar  + Lake Effect Wild Ale Barrel Fermented - 2019

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